// Happy International Women’s Day//

I was raised to believe I am equal to men. And I am. 

But I was born lucky. I have equal rights to work, speak and vote. I was given an equal education. I am truly grateful because around the world women lack their human rights. 

In Britain this is a day to review and address the gender inequality that remains here. But it is also a reminder of women everywhere who live in fear and oppression. It is a day to speak for their rights. 

In Britain there is obvious sexism and women are more likely to experience domestic abuse and sexual violence. Women in the UK are likely to be paid less than their male equivalents. Rape Crisis claims 5% of women are raped in the UK compared to 0.4% of men.

We live in a man’s world (?) 

As an environmentalist I don’t believe this world belongs to any man. 

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