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This blog is written for an international NGO called Nektarina Non Profit, based in Zagreb. Nektarina believes in the powers of social media and communication for change. Our mission is:


As Caroline Fiennes notes (in my post yesterday) if we want to connect, educate or inspire we cannot tell people about problems and "when they don’t listen or change their behaviour… tell them again and again increasingly shrilly."

If people don’t listen the first time, there’s a reason. Perhaps they have higher priorities or need more evidence of the problem to believe it. Maybe they don’t understand the real consequences of a problem or how it relates to them. Sometimes people are just fed up with being told what to do. 

It’s important to talk to them as individuals. relate the problem to something they are interested in or care about. put things into perspective. Always tell the truth. 

Global Cool is a website dedicated to communicating eco problems through celebrities, fashion, music, travel, sport and everything else society loves. It’s another great way to engage people with the big picture. 

Fiennes says in her interview with The Ecologist:


((Warning: If you are young, Global Cool may not suit you - try Eco Kids instead!))

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Below is a youtube video designed to introduce environmentalism through celebrities, proverbs and iconic speakers. 

I want to include it here because it’s a surprisingly good mash up of information, for an amateur edit. Big gun celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio are initially featured expressing their opinions. Then some raw and potentially upsetting footage is used to demonstrate issues. I should warn there is graphic imagery. 

Usually we see isolated examples of celebrity environmental support. Here the mix unites the universal needs and values of Michael Jackson to Jane Goodall, to all the other human beings like you and me. 

I would recommend showing this to people who never think about people&planet. Not because they’re selfish or lack compassion, but because they’re not exposed to reality. 

A good starting point. 

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// Do you admire Celebrities for their charity work?//

Of course, the whole point of celebrities is that we celebrate them. 

Considering all the war, jealously and greed that plagues humankind, this isn’t so bad. Why not celebrate somebody else’s talent, hard work and good heart?

… but are celebrities famed for their talents, hard work and good hearts? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Let’s not get into it. Instead let’s look at the rough facts:

A list celebrities earn huge fortunes of money. The money comes from people like you and me who for some reason are interested in them, and will pay to experience their art. They attract such huge fan bases they have more money individually than entire communities in developing countries (see comparison above). Whether they deserve this money or not is not something I’m going to discuss in this post, although there are two sides to the argument. The question is: when they give to charity, do you admire them? 

Because surely anyone with that much money, should give to the world. It’s to be expected. It would be ridiculous if they didn’t. 

Yes or No?

The truth is celebrities don’t have to support charities, but if they decide to lend their money and popularity to a campaign they can instantly boost its success. Is it their privilege to choose or their responsibility? 

Here’s a good source for learning more about well known celebs and which causes and organisations they support:

I immediately looked up the environmental cause when I found this site. And I was unsuprised to see Leonardo D’Caprio and Sting listed among its top supporters. I didn’t expect however, to see former James Bond Pierce Brosnan. and now admittedly I do possess far greater admiration for him than before, deserved or not. 

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