// Low Carbon Travel: Moving Planet//


Some of you may already know about today’s Moving Planet events. There is a full post about it on Nektarina’s main webpage (read it here!) If you have not heard about it, I will give you a sweet and brief introduction.

Moving Planet is an international effort to explore alternative, low carbon forms of transport. Many famous organisations including 350.org and Oxfam have collaborated to create a programme of events worldwide that encourage sustainable ways of moving. 

The official website: http://www.moving-planet.org/

We all know that cars, vans, buses and especially aeroplanes are bad for the environment. They produce a lot of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels which add to greenhouse gases and result in ecological problems like climate change. We also know that the easiest and greenest way of moving is on our own two feet. 

But today is about being creative, so here are some alternative, albiet perhaps outrageous transport ideas…

* Moonwalking on a giant pair of Jumping Stilts?

* The Shweeb?

Combining a monorail with cycling. Passengers have their own transparent pod and power their way down the set route. I think this sounds like a brilliant idea!

* Turkish legend claims that in the 17th Century an Ottoman aviator called Hezârfen Ahmed Çelebi flew across the sea with a large pair of homemade wings. What a great story.

(Photo: http://bit.ly/pRLyqk)

Note: Don’t forget to use energy saving lights for your bicycles. 

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